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Nancy Slome runs One to One Interactive, a marketing agency serving professional services providers.
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Nancy Slome / Principal
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Nancy Slome is a seasoned marketing consultant and principal of One to One Interactive and the recently launched Lawyers Biography Service.


She brings an unusual mix of creative and technology experience to her clients, having spent six years as a marketing director at White & Case and Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman. Along with her law firm marketing positions, Nancy spent twenty years working in corporate communications, and then for several award-winning advertising, design, and branding agencies in New York City.


Nancy has a deep understanding of professional services marketing and knows what it takes to implement the most challenging new business initiatives. Recent consulting engagements have ranged from undertaking a marketing analysis and redesign of a top international law firm’s website to search optimization, designing digital marketing campaigns, and the successful distribution of consumer class action notification emails; some to as many as 50 million recipients.


Current clients include several law firms and medical practices, and a variety of professional services providers headquartered in New York, London, Chicago, Philadelphia, and coastal South Carolina.


Nancy holds a BFA in Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology is a recognized subject matter expert, published author, and speaker at various industry conferences, such as The Conference Board, National Investor Relations Institute, Legal Marketing Association (LMA), The Seybold Conference, The 2015 Legal Marketing Tech West Conference, and LMA’s Northeast Regional Conference in 2017.


Q. What’s on your nightstand these days?

I have that really retro clock from LL Bean, called the “Moon Beam,” my Nook and my iPhone.


Q. No, seriously. What are you reading these days, and is it an eBook or printed copy?
The New Yorker Cartoons of the Year 2013, and some book about improving productivity that I cannot seem to get into. The former is in print and the latter is on my Nook.


Q. And your last song (or album) you downloaded?
“Time to Pretend,” by MGMT. It’s one of those catchy songs that Hollywood filmmakers keep slipping into to movie soundtracks and TV shows.


Q. Favorite holiday?

Passover. I’m a big fan of gefilte fish and the beet-colored horseradish. Then there’s the matzoh and charoset. I actually like macaroons!


Q. Mac or Windows?
Yeah, I’m a Mac fan girl.


Q. What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

That I can juggle.

Ira Ruderman / Technical Director

Ira2Ira is One to One Interactive’s Technical Director. He began working with Nancy ten years ago, back when she was his client at White & Case. Together, they improved the firm’s online visibility, traffic, and optimized the firm’s new site for search.


What sets Ira apart from others in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) field is his strong media buying experience from his Mad Men days. Ira worked for major NYC & LA ad agencies like Young & Rubicam, N.W. Ayer and Chiat Day, where he was assigned to consumer accounts like Nissan, J&J, Clorox and Cadbury.


His years in the advertising business coupled with an innate understanding of technology have helped make Ira our resident expert on all things Web – and especially SEO. In addition to his role with One to One, Ira also heads up CJR Media, a Long Island-based Web development and SEO consultancy firm with a very interesting and diverse client base.


Along with working 60+ hours per week, Ira somehow manages to find time for his two other passions: competitive shooting sports and Eagle Claw Kung-Fu.


Need to get on Ira’s good side? The man is a chocoholic and easily influenced by a couple Cadbury chocolate bars. Note: Ira is picky and prefers the ‘Cadbury Milk Bar’ (no nuts) from England. Don’t bother with the Cadbury bars made in Hershey, PA. Ira says, “They’re just not the same!”

Education: Hofstra University, B.A. in Political Science



Q. So what’s on your nightstand these days?
That would be a folding knife…. Really!


Q. Maybe the question was too subtle. Ira, what are you reading these days, and is it an eBook or a printed copy?
The eBook version of Steve Jobs’ biography.


Q. And your last song (or album) you downloaded?
The Pink Martini collection.


Q. Favorite holiday?
Hanukkah – Love that miracle and the Maccabees!


Q. Mac or Windows?
Mac! (Like you had to ask?)

Anna Webb / Social Media Strategist

Anna and Nancy have a shared history. They were classmates at Cincinnati’s Walnut Hills High School, the #1 ranked public school in Ohio. Fast forward a few years, and it was through social media that Anna and Nancy reconnected!


But it was Anna’s strong social media smarts that convinced us to bring her in for our clients’ social media. Anna gets it all — and delivers strategy, crisp writing, implementation, and of course, ROI. So we’re thrilled to have her working with us.


Anna also has an impressive technical background, which includes certifications in IP Telephony, Systemax Wiring and Wireless Technology, Cisco Systems Certified Agent: Small and Medium Business Applications, Enterprise Applications (LAN/WAN Internetworking), Wireless Technology.



Q. Read anything interesting lately?
¡Si! I’m reading Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish – A Creative and Proven Approach, with illustrations by Andy Warhol. It was first published in 1951 and is a paperback.


Q. Last song — or album downloaded?
The last album I downloaded was John Coltrane’s, Blue Train because it was time for some good jazz tunes.


Q. I already know the answer, but asking anyway… What’s your favorite vacation spot?
My favorite vacation spot is Hawaii’s Big Island – one of the most diverse locations on Earth, both culturally and geographically! The fact that I can visit family there is a bonus.


Q. Mac or Windows?
I converted to Mac in 2004 and never looked back.


Q. Tell me something people don’t know about you.
I’m a coffee enthusiast. Did you know it has over 800 aromatic compounds – about twice as many as wine? I’m working my way through them all, one cup at a time.


Q. Finally, if you didn’t have to work, what would you be doing?
If I didn’t have to work I’d be happily boating the Intracoastal Waterway for a year while writing an autobiography.

Carlyn Guido / Graphic Designer

carlyn guido_bw4Carlyn is One to One’s go-to graphic designer for many of our projects. Like a really great actor or musician, Carlyn makes good design look easy. She does this while managing a full schedule with her family, working primarily in the evenings, just after her two daughters have gone to sleep. (She does some of her best work very late at night, and we still don’t know how she manages it!)


What’s her story? Carlyn has 15+ years experience in advertising, account management, studio prepress production, and creative art direction. She graduated Muhlenberg College with a BA in Communications and Fine Arts (drawing, painting and sculpture) and a minor in Art History. Carlyn also holds a certificate in Desktop Publishing and recently completed courseware in developing Web pages, HTML and CSS coding, and Introduction to WordPress.



Q. What’s on your nightstand?
I have a journal to write down things my girls say, “Light On Yoga,” by BKS Iyengar, and a book on HTML & CSS coding if I really need to fall asleep fast!


Q. What’s the last song you downloaded?
Say It, Just Say It, by the Mowgli’s.


Q. And your favorite holiday?
Has to be Christmas – especially because my daughter was born on that day… One of the best days of my life.


Q. What don’t people know about you?
That I can stand on my head for extended periods of time, and remain completely relaxed. (Thank you, yoga!)


Q. If you didn’t have to work, what would be doing?
I’d be a yoga instructor in a yoga studio that I owned. Or, I’d be an art educator at the Met. (A girl can dream, can’t she?)

Anshul-Bio-PicAnshul Manjan / Web Developer + Designer
Anshul has been involved in Web design and development since his college days. Gradually, he’s turned his passion for the Web into a fulltime career.


Anshul enjoys working with WordPress, Magento, Joomla platforms and has very strong HTML/CSS skills, plus he is exceptionally proficient with Photoshop. He brings these skills to our company to meet our clients’ requirements and execute our designers’ often picky and precise visions.


Q. So Anshul, what are you reading these days?
Sadly, nothing – as I don’t get much time to read in the night.


Q. Last song downloaded?
Saturday Saturday, by Indeep Bakshi. (It’s Bollywood song.)


Q. Favorite vacation spot?
I was on holiday to Kerala, India. The natural beauty of the state thrilled me. There are hills, tea gardens, forests and beaches – all in the same state! I hope to visit Kerala again soon.


Q. Mac or Windows?


Q. Tell us something about you that most people don’t know?
That I can dance.


Q. Finally, if you didn’t have to work?
I’d be an athlete.

Mimelfis Grullon / Web Developer + Designer
mimelfis_bw3Mimelfis is a software engineer and One to One’s lead Web developer. Her background includes more than six years of experience in object-oriented design and architecture, development, testing, debugging and deployment of enterprise applications, and software development project management.


Mimelfis studied at Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingoand in 2005, received a BS degree in Computer Science. She continued her studies at the university, and in 2008 completed her MBA.


Q. Mimelfis, what are you reading these days, and is it a traditional – or, an eBook?

The Kybalion Philosophy by Three Initiates, Kindle edition.


Q. Name of the last song you downloaded?

Best Day of My Life, the American Idol version.


Q. Mac or Windows?

100% Mac!


Q. What’s your favorite holiday?

My birthday. I always spend the day or weekend with my family and best friends. Usually we’ll all have dinner near the beach. It simply rocks!


Q. What is that you do that most people don’t know (yet)?

Put my eyebrows so high, just to have fun!


Q. What would you be doing if you didn’t have to work?

I’d be a pilot during weekdays, and on weekends, I’d be a diver.

Lori Kirstein / Digital Marketing Specialist
Lori-bw_051716Lori is one of those people who knows how to get things done. Not in that bull-in-a-china-shop fashion, as she’s way too thoughtful. Her approach is smooth-gloved, creative, always helpful, and she is a real delight to work with. Lori is also a great people-reader, which comes in handy, especially when dealing with clients — like lawyers, jewelry designers, and a couple of wacky out-of-the-box marketers. (Not us, of course!)


Hers is a crazy quilt of interesting jobs. Lori is a Virtual Internet Marketing Assistant, a trainer, an artist, and a SAG-card-carrying actor. She’s also a terrific singer, public speaker, and a website designer/writer/editor. All of her experience points to one central theme: Lori is ridiculously passionate about working with people; helping them stand up, show up authentically, and succeed!


Lori holds an almost-Masters in Sociolinguistics (Empowerment and Reality Through Self-Expression) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and earned her BA with honors in the fields of French Language and French History, from the unique and challenging Marlboro College, in Marlboro, VT.


Q. First question for you Lori. What’s on your nightstand?

Art tools for my art addiction, cat treats for Thomas the Wonder Cat, a television, my phone and charger, and some hot Chai. (It’s getting chilly in Cincinnati.)
Editor’s Note: Maybe her coffee table doubles as a nightstand?


Q. And your last song (or album) you downloaded?

No downloading here – I’m a YouTube junkie!


Q. Mac or Windows?

If someone wants to buy me a Mac, with all of the expensive software, I can get behind that. I’ve used Macs a fair amount and I like them! But I do love my Windows computer. I’m an equal opportunity computer nerd.


Q. What’s your favorite holiday?

I adore Thanksgiving for its complete lack of regard for who you are or what you believe; it’s all about community and sharing. What’s not to like? (And Christmas is a favorite, even though I’m Jewish, because Christmas Eve is my birthday…so really the holidays are all about me!)


Q. Tell us something that most people don’t know about you!

That I am going to be in a film with George Clooney. Even George doesn’t know it yet.

jan_Headb&w3Jan Haskell-Mohr / Copywriter

Almost everything Jan Haskell-Mohr does professionally concerns writing. She specializes in taking convoluted, complicated work and research, no matter the subject, and generating concise, accessible copy. Press releases, Web copy, brochures, letters and cards, email blasts – she’s tackled it all in her more than 25 years’ experience.


Professionally and non-professionally, other fascinations have crept into her repertoire: layout design, development work, even acting (she was trained as an actor, and her parents ran a theatre on Hilton Head Island for 22 years, where she was occasionally the nepotistic beneficiary), but writing remains her bread and butter skill.


Her greatest work, however, is her marriage to husband, Joss, and the resulting productions of daughter, Sayde, and son, Winslow.


Q. What’s on your nightstand?
My nightstand is full of traditional ink on paper books in various stages of reading (but I’m sure I will eventually finish them all). Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King was the last book I read cover to cover, and I am now enjoying Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver.


Q. If you have an MP3 player, what’s the last song you downloaded?

Fireflies by Jason Spooner, a Maine artist. Before that, it was the latest episode of This American Life.


Q. What’s your favorite holiday, and why?

Christmas, for the sentimental reason. My entire family gets together — from Berkeley, Seattle, Boulder, and various towns in South Carolina. It’s a wild time, and drives some crazy, but I love having everyone together.


Q. What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

Most people don’t know I can act. On a stage and in front of a paying audience.


Q. What would you be doing if you didn’t have to work?

I’d build a tiny house on a large piece of land, from which Husband and I would travel all over, and back to which we’d be just as happy to come.

Joe Berger / Chief Financial Officer + Partner

joe-and-molly-with-ribbon_working3bw_croppedJoe Berger is an interactive and multimedia visionary.


Joe founded One to One Interactive in 1994 as a consultancy to CD-ROM publishers such as Allegro New Media and Bureau of Electronic Publishing seeking to leverage CD-I and CD-ROM technology. He founded and led the NYC Multimedia SIG for two years. By the end of 1997 he was managing early Web projects for Dennis Interactive, Strategic Interactive Group (now DIGITAS) as the agency’s first Technology Manager in NYC. Joe continued to work for NYC Silicon Alley shops as a new media/web consultant well into 2000 for clients such as GE Capital and American Express.


In 2001, following the bursting of the Internet bubble, Joe redirected One to One Interactive from multimedia publishing to a digital marketing company in partnership with SEO providers.


The final transformation of One to One came with a change in leadership. Nancy joined as partner in 2009 and has led in making One to One Interactive into a full service marketing and advertising firm.


Joe’s current responsibilities are as CFO, consigliere and to keep the grass cut. He loves the sporting life, his dogs and riding the tractor.


Q. What’s on your nightstand?
Investors Business Daily


Q. Are those eBooks — or traditional books?



Q. If you have an MP3 player, what’s the last song you downloaded?

Probably the entire album – Chulahoma by The Black Keys.


Q. Okay, so what’s your favorite holiday, and why?

Thanksgiving, but only because of the food.


Q. Mac or Windows?
Windows. Not by choice, but habit.


Q. What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

When I was a child, I wrote poetry.