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ICYMI Monday – The Eagles Have Landed

icymi_monday-3_032116Welcome to ICYMI Monday
While most folks are pretending to be focused on work, we know they’re secretly obsessing over March Madness and the status of their brackets. (Personally, I start paying attention when we’re down to the Final 4…)


My obsession this past weekend was not related to hoop dreams. My obsession was – and is the subject of this week’s ICYMI Monday. It’s Mr. President & The First Lady.


Not referring to Barrack and Michelle. I’m talking about the bald eagles and their cute little eaglets, just hatched March 18 at the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington, DC. So, in case you missed it, there are two “Eagle Cams” perched right near their nest. Warning: This site is addictive!



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